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and why do I need it?

If you would like your children to learn life long lessons that are not just fun, but can help them in so many areas of their life, take a look at the video below. For the FIRST time, this award winning martial arts and life skills programme is available on-line for your whole family to enjoy.
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What Will You Be Taught?

Three things - FIRST Martial Arts


    This fast paced dynamic sport is easy to learn is great for fitness and "modern" training


    This "ART" keeps everything together. It ties in the importance of building Character Skills


    You will not get a better Self Defence system for a child or adult. It is a fun and direct training system


Mixed Martial Arts

This modern martial art is easy and fun to learn. I truly believe everyone should learn kickboxing. You will learn to kick, punch and block in a dynamic and interesting way. Fitness is a big part of a Kickboxing class and ONLINE is no different.



If you want your child to learn not just Martial Arts, but why a persons Character is so important, then you need to learn Karate. Yes you will learn martial art skills that date back thousands of years, but our Life Skills programme is wrapped up within it. We call our Life skills programme Character First, but more on this later.


Haganna and Kensi Fighting Method

Making your child bully proof is so important. Nobody wants a "bully" as a child either. So this mixture of teaching children Character Life Skills along with this GREAT self defence system that is taught to the Israeli Army, this is a winning combination

The Second Area Of Improvement Will Be

Personal Development

  • Character 1st

    There are NINE Life skills that are taught weekly, all aimed at helping children become the BEST THEY CAN BE

  • FUNdamentals

    These are the first three life skills that are taught every term, why? Because they are the CORE of having a GREAT LIFE

  • Verbal Karate

    An anti bullying system that is built on being able to talk your way out of situations, not necessarily fight your way out.


The ULTIMATE Life Skills Course

These nine lessons are all taught within the curriculum. No boring lessons, just helping kids to realise that the MAJOR key to THEIR better future is THEM. The nine life skills are PRINCIPLES, ATTITUDE, and having BELIEF in yourself. (these are the fundamentals) The other 6 life skills are taught in terms. These are GOAL setting, how to PRIORITISE, how to WIN, how to communicate better with LISTENING skills, how to be a great TEAM player and staying HEALTHY


The most important

These three are the most important of the nine, that is why we call them the FUNdamentals. PRINCIPLES teach kids things like honesty, respect, integrity, truth. Values that are sometimes lost in this modern world. Good old fashioned manners go a long way in life. ATTITUDE is number two. For kids to understand that they control 90% of their feelings is so important. BELIEF is number three. If a child does not have belief in themselves, life can be a terrible place. This programme will help them realise that they can enjoy life, even when it does not "seem" to be going there way. We help them have belief in themselves by teaching the VERBAL KARATE. Our Anti bullying programme which is like no other programme out there


Non violent resolutions

Once a child has the confidence that they can defend themselves, then they are able to put into practice VERBAL KARATE. This programme is taught in every class in the school, and is a massive part of the online material. The old analogy of "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" is right. Let me put it this way, if I had a choice of you hitting me with a stick, or calling me fat, what do you think I would choose? Call me FAT!! This programme helps the kids to understand that words are just that, words. The meaning they have, is what we give to them.

The Third Area Of Improvement Will Be

Health & Fitness

  • Cardiovascular

    When you put your music on, you will have a GREAT workout. Not just bouncing up and down, but doing Cardio Kickboxing

  • Tone Muscle

    Every week the Fitness Challenge will be fun and challenging. Nothing fancy, easy to do workouts that will get that all important "burn"

  • Healthy Diet

    Children need to be educated just like adults do. No boring lectures, just fun common sense questions that will help them make the correct choices

Family Can Workout Together

Be Part Of The Fun

One person can use this programme or multiple people living in the same household. What a great activity to be able to do together. If you are a family of four, why not decide to train together, make it a family night in. You are probably going to watch TV anyway, why not TRAIN and show your kids the power of follow through!


  • Who can train in this course?

    ANYONE, and everyone. If you train in a National Black Belt School it will help you tremendously, if you want to train online exclusively, perfect, if you train in another style, perfect! It can help anyone!!

  • What is the investment?

    The biggest investment is time. 30 minutes a day, twice a week. Can you do that, PERFECT. Of course, you could train for 2 hours, every day, you are not restricted at all. Financially, the investment is just £19 a month.

  • How much space do I need at home?

    Very little. Most students train in a space which is about 2m x 1m. If you have more, great, but it is not needed.

  • Do I have to purchase equipment?

    In theory, NO. But as with anything, you will want to feel like a martial artist. The main things to purchase is a martial arts uniform, Focus Pads and gloves. This way when it comes to pad work, you will have something to hit. If you intend to train by yourself, you may eventually purchase an upright bag. Trust me though, this is all your choice. You literally do not need anything.

  • Should I buy a huge TV to watch this on?

    No. It is not needed, in actual fact all this material can be watched on a phone. Of course you need to be able to get onto the internet, but that is it. I do recommend watching it on the biggest device you can, as it will make the learning easier. But, all the video are shot with great lighting, and have great audio. So, whatever you got will be PERFECT!

What is included in the course

Martial Arts training is just the vechile we use to teach other things, take a look at what you have to look forward to...

  • Important Character Building skills

  • How to gain confidence in yourself

  • Kickboxing is an excellent way to stay in shape

  • Gives people a hobby that they can do for life


Kicx is Poles Apart

by Mr Mcguire

They say first impressions count and with Kicx it’s hard to fault Master Thompson and the experience he delivers. From engaging, kid friendly tuition to the innovative online platform, Kicx is poles apart from the first local club we tried. I cannot explain how pleased we are with the approach, not only with the standard of tuition but the added value Kicx provides in helping concentration and a learning mindset for kids. Can’t recommend highly enough!👏🏼

They Love It

Kelly Ramsay

Found these two pictures earlier and made me realise how far they have come. They’ve both travelled their own path and the Character First programme has definitely helped improve their attitude, beliefs and confidence 🥰

Great for ease


My 5yr old son joined the club around 2months ago and it has been one of the best things he has done. Kicx has such a friendly, fun atmosphere but also is very serious about teaching martial arts and its values. The instructors are amazing with the children and my son cannot wait for his weekly sessions. I would recommend Kicx to any parent or adult that are looking for something new to focus on and improve your fitness.


Master Stephen Thompson

Master Thompson started training back in 1979 at just 10 years. He has won multiple World and European titles and is a 7th degree Black Belt. He was England team captain for over 10 years and runs his own Full Time Martial Arts Super Centre in Gloucester, England. He is a qualified trainer in the programme The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers and has studied under Personal Development specialist such as Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn.


Master Everton Smith

Master Smith also started training back in 1979. He has been a World and European Champion and is now 7th degree Black Belt. He was England team coach and runs his own Full Time Martial Arts Super Centre in Newport, Wales. He is a qualified trainer in the programme The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers and has studied under Personal Development specialist such as Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn.